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Taza Ayurveda Body Oil | Eladi | 100% Natural | Hydrating | Massaging| 200ml

SKU: Taza_EladiBodyOil


Called “Splurge Worthy” by Marie Claire and featured as a Best New Product by Allure

6.7 fl oz | 200 ml

Composed of 34 highly therapeutic ingredients, including Pearl Powder, Himalayan Cedar, and Indian Frankincense, this multi-functional oil is precisely blended to nourish and heal. Rich in calming antioxidants, fortifying minerals, and intelligent nutrients, this naturally-fragrant, potent blend will keep you healthy and radiant.

For all skin types and doshas, including the most sensitive. Even perfect for little ones!


Helps even skin tone and texture. Replenishes skin with vital nutrients. Locks in moisture to provide lasting hydration. Promotes circulation through gentle massage. Enhances feeling of calmness.


Shake well. Lavish onto damp skin after showering, then message in a circular upward motion.  Oil can also be used for self-massage (Abhyanga) prior to shower and for baby massages.  As the oil absorbs, take a moment to calm your mind and reflect.

It may require a few rituals to acclimate your olfactory nerves to the oil’s all-natural scent, but you will soon find that it bestows a profound sense of grounding and balance.

The Science

Your skin is one of your largest, most complicated organs. Its optimal function plays a critical role in your overall health. Studies have shown daily application of body oil has a range of benefits, including enhanced circulation and improved removal of toxins. Our potent, hydrating Eladi Body Oil is the perfect for your daily ritual.

Adaptogenic Pearl Powder, contains conchiolin and 30 trace minerals, that nourish and brighten skin. Antioxidant-rich Himalayan Cedar Wood, Cardamom, and Musk Root work to fortify the skin, while Snow Lotus extract balances its tone and increases elasticity.

Nourishing Effects

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