Welcome to Alrossa!

 About Us

Alrossa is the modern destination for all things relating to beauty, health and home. We specialize in discovering and elevating premier brands to a global audience, often partnering with developing presences. Our focus is to show you the happiness that everyday luxuries can bring by emphasizing quality over quantity. Every brand we carry is carefully researched to ensure that the highest level of standards are embodied from inception to completion.   


Our Story 

Alrossa was founded in Brooklyn, New York. We recognized the modern man’s need for upscale grooming products. Upon this realization, we created our first line of grooming products in 2016. Within five years, we expanded to include luxury products in a variety of departments. Today, we work with over 300 brands across the globe. We take pride in building strong relationships with each brand that we sell, as the quality of their products are a direct reflection of the value we provide to each Alrossa customer. 


Who You Are 

You are a visionary. You appreciate the memorable moments that a luxury product can create. Although you work hard, sometimes you need a break to relax and unwind. You dream of an elevated reality and trust that Alrossa can transport you to something magical. We invite you to explore our website of carefully and caringly curated products designed to make you feel special in every aspect of your routine. From spa-worthy soaps to handblown glassware to exotic fragrances, you will be impressed by the artistry behind each Alrossa find.