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Niegeloh Stainless Steel Nail Clipper

Brand: Niegeloh
SKU: Niegeloh_nailclipper

The original from Niegeloh.

The ergonomic design makes the clippers particularly comfortable to hold. The curved and hardened cut surfaces allow the precise cutting of the nails. The Nagelknipser of Niegeloh are made of stainless steel, hypoallergenic and sterilizable.

The advantage of a nail clipper compared to nail scissors is that when used hardly tears in the horn plate of the nail arise. The nail is not loaded on one side, as is common in scissors, the pressure through the parallel cutting surfaces is rather evenly distributed to the nail parts to be separated. Disadvantage, however, is that the nail clipper is not as fine to perform as a nail scissors.

We offer our customers a smaller nail clipper for the fingernails and a larger nail clipper for the toenails.


Nail scissors and cuticle scissors in professional quality

Solingen, the city of blades - no other city in Germany is so well known for its quality steel. "Made in Solingen" is the synonym, among other things, for cutting-edge scissors in a top quality, which is known throughout the world.

Made in Solingen also stands for the company Niegeloh, which manufactures instruments for manicure and pedicure in its own production in Solingen since 1936. We attach great importance to the fact that our production, from tool construction to production up to final inspection by hand, takes place in our home in Solingen. For the production of our skin and nail scissors, pliers, nail clippers, tweezers, nail files and foot care instruments, we use alloyed, hardenable steels. We are particularly proud of the diversity of our models, whose production is based on decades of family tradition and technological leadership. All scissors, clippers and pliers are tested in our house by hand on function and cutting ability.