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Wooden Spoon Herbs Menstrual Magic Herbal Tincture for PMS and Cramp Support - 2 fl oz/59 ml

SKU: WSH_MenstrualMagic


  • Go with the flow. Menstrual Magic eases you along with the tides of the moon and menstruation.
  • This formula supports an easier flow, allowing for more rest and rejuvenation. Its magical qualities ease muscle spasms, support a healthy cycle, take the edge off of PMS and anxiety, and can support optimal hormonal balance.
  • How does it help? Menstrual Magic Eases muscle spasms, Takes the edge off anxiety, supports an easier flow, relieves menstrual cramps and can support optimal hormone balance
  • What's in Menstrual Magic? Organic cramp bark has been used to relax muscles and ease spasms. Organic wild yam rhizome has been recognized as a treatment for menopause and PMS discomfort for centuries. Organic yarrow herb known to ease feelings of anxiety. Organic Motherwort can positively affect stress levels, reproductive, and heart functions.
  • Suggested use; Take 35 drops 2-3 times daily to relieve PMS, or take 35 drops 2-4 times daily to relieve menstrual cramps.


At Wooden Spoon Herbs, the Earth is always at our core. Like all health nuts, our founder and herbalist Lauren Haynes has always found nourishment in nature. Her search for deeply sustaining wild foods evolved into an obsession with functional herbalism. Wellness from the Earth, for the people. Right on.

Far out. In a good way.

Wooden Spoon Herbs sprouted from an Appalachian mountain farmers’ market stall. Descended from transcendentalists ideals. Seeded in Lauren’s Tennessee kitchen. Nourished on the teachings of herbalist hippies. After absorbing every bit of back-to-the-land wisdom Lauren could find, she hit the books at the Appalachian Center for Natural Health. Three years on everything herbalism: from cellular biology to energetic flower essences, folk healing to clinical studies, anatomy, physiology, and phytochemistry. 

Turn on to herbalism.

Reconnecting people with nature is something we still feel deeply. Always. After all, humans have healed themselves with herbs since forever. So we still take our cues from the Earth and our lessons from those who came before us. Dose our organic herbal blends for immunity, energy, mood, and more, and reconnect with the greatest remedy of them all. The Earth provides. And at Wooden Spoon Herbs, we humbly abide.