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BBB LONDON Nourishing Brow Oil 11ml

Brand: BBB London


  • Our bestselling BBB London Nourishing Brow Oil is formulated with a blend of Organic Sweet Almond and Rosemary Oil used for their nourishing properties - and Lavender and Sandalwood which calm and balance. We've also blended a warm and soothing aroma, to aid relaxation and a promote a feeling of wellness.
  • BBB London Nourishing Brow Oil is paraben-free and works naturally to increases hair growth while conditioning and strengthening brows. It is fast-absorbing, has a non-sticky texture and is suitable for all skin and eyebrow types.
  • What it is: A luxurious overnight treatment that strengthens and conditions your brows as you sleep, promoting healthy hair and encouraging growth.
  • What it does: It's formulated with a blend of organic sweet almond oil and rosemary oil, which are used for their nourishing properties, and lavender and sandalwood to calm and balance. The oil features a warm and soothing aroma to aid relaxation and promote a feeling of wellness. Fast-absorbing and nonsticky, it works naturally to help increase hair growth while it conditions and strengthens.
  • How to use; Gently roll applicator over cleansed brows every evening.