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NOOMI Stockholm Vegan Silk Pillowcase

SKU: NOOMIStockholm_VeganSilkPillowcase


  • Get some real beauty sleep with our signature anti-aging pillowcase that has been scientifically tested to prevent sleep wrinkles, minimise collagen breakdown and hair damage. Recommended by dermatologists and beauty experts worldwide!
  • Unlike more traditional pillowcase fabrics that absorb essential moisture from your skin, Bamboo Lyocell’s tightly woven fabric preserves that all important hydration and minimise collagen breakdown during sleep. Serums stay where they’re supposed to for true overnight rejuvenation.
  • No harmful chemicals, pesticides or toxic dyes are used to create our naturally hypoallergenic silk alternative pillowcases. Suitable for sensitive skin the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of bamboo allow skin to breathe for healthy and clear complexions.
  • Our friction-free fabric keeps hair smooth, sleek and shiny for minimal maintenance. Smooth and silky Bamboo Lyocell allows skin to glide across avoiding those unwanted morning wrinkles for a youthful radiance.
  • Our Bamboo Lyocell silk alternative pillowcases offer an eco-friendly and animal kind alternative to traditional silk and cotton bedding. Produced in a closed-loop system all the water used to grow the Bamboo is recycled and reused.