Schöne Italian Double Edge Safety Razor - GOLD

  • Manufactured by: Schöne

Schöne Nickel Safety Razor is hollow handled, lighter weight 3 piece razor that is well-balanced and easy to use. It features piped detailing on the handle, a polished gold finish, and an open comb head which works well with varying lengths of beard growth. A stylish, functional razor at a great price. Weight: 66g. Dimensions: Overall Length 87mm, Handle Length 78mm, Head Width 42mm. Made in Italy Makes for a great gift!

Handmade for Schöne in Italy
An extra close shave, Extra weight allows for extra smooth, super comfortable shave
Nickel Beautiful Detailed Finish - Its Double Edge Design Provides A Very Close Shave.
Schöne High Quality Shaving
Extremely fine engraved finish Makes A Great Gift for Dad, Boyfriend, Husband or Borther

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