Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Intense


The best-selling serum by Grow Gorgeous has been boosted by 40% concentration of 9 studied technologies to increase visible hair density, length, thickness and fullness. Active extracts of Clover Flower and Pea-Sprout combine with Stabilized Dihydroquercetin-Glucoside Complex to visibly improve the hair length and thickness. The Hair Density Serum Intense also incorporates Solubilized Caffeine Complex that has been found in independent studies to reduce visible hair quality loss. Expect dramatic results with regular use.

Please Note: This product is available as Hair Growth Serum Intense in certain markets. The product formulation is the same in all markets.

Apply 20 drops to the scalp once a day, either in the morning or the evening. Massage thoroughly until all the serum has been absorbed into your scalp. Do not apply to the eyelashes or eyebrows. Do not exceed the recommended dose. With proper application each bottle should last approximately 2 months.

VOLUME: 60ml

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