Alixx Sea Brezze Sky Blue Glass Candle

  • Manufactured by: Alixx

A romantic walk on the beach while admiring the sunset in the summertime...Sweetness of foam stretches along the beach, scrape the roguish seaweeds under-light steps and crunch the pinch of salt on the lips...
This is a large H10 single wick candle. It burns for 90 - 200 hours Burn.
A Master perfumer creates the exclusive scents in Grasse, the world capital of perfume in France, which allow the creation of unique experiences. Alixx vases are mouth-blown by European artisans, who make each glass distinct.
Alixx scented candles are handcrafted to offer you not only interior scents but also home décor objects. The brand puts forward an elegant style based on a colorful collection.
Born in France. Handmade in the USA.


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