APOTHIA Soul Candle

  • Manufactured by: Apothia Los Angeles

Apothia's Soul candle features a warm sensual fragrance, inspired by an intimate room, alive with piano, bass and percussion, accompanied by a warm, sensual voice.

APOTHIA’s illuminating cream candles are developed from a unique combination of premium paraffin and soy, blended with intense fragrance into a creamy luxurious balm of solid perfume – rub it into your skin! Named Interior Fragrance of the Year, APOTHIA’s award-winning candles take the senses into visions of life at its best.

The Silver Bead creates interest, sparks conversation and reminds you when to trim the wick!
APOTHIA’s patented Halo allows you to move a burning hot candle without feeling the heat!
Fragrance of African ginger, rich mahogany, deep taboti wood, and grains of paradise.
Approximately 60 hours of burn time.
250 g/9 oz

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