Lifestinks Extra Strength Cedarwood Deodorant


lifestinks is also an wonderful antifungal foot powder, not to mention a great solution for protecting your clothing investment - no more white stains or body odor that doesn`t wash out. You`ll find that the more you use lifestinks, the less you`ll need. Handmade by Chicago women committed to health and wellness. Finally, a deodorant that you and your family can feel good about! Benefits of lifestinks: Contains three simple ingredients: aluminum free sodium bicarbonate (nature`s oldest drying agent), tea tree oil and lavender or cedarwood oil Refillable eco-friendly stainless steel sifter dispenser Sanitary by design so the whole family can share Can be sprinkled in shoes as a great anti-fungal foot powder Highest quality Australian botanical oil infusions Absolutely non-staining. Rinses completely from clothing 100% effective deodorant without any toxins Provides gentle dryness while allowing healthy perspiration Talc free - Goes on dry to keep you dry Fragrance free with a choice of botanical infusions Available in both extra mild (lavender) and extra strong (cedarwood) Refill is very cost-effective.

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