Claus Porto Aguia Bath Soap

  • Manufactured by: Claus Porto

Diving into a bath of deep moisturizing, is the feeling provided by Claus Porto soaps, produced with 100% natural Karité oil. This gives them the triple state of protection, smoothness and skin rejuvenation. This bath soap combines the smooth consistency and the milky foam with the perfect condition of preservation of the soaps. Due to being grained several times, these soaps last until the end without fissures.

Aguia: Aphrodisiac fragrance

Oriental in inspiration, the Aguia scent is a seductively deep fragrance based on a perfect combination of sandal perfume, myrrh and patchouli. A sophisticated herbal aroma, with notes of spices and the essential oil of Vetiver.

Size: 350g

Made in: Portugal

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