Donell K-Derm Cream

  • Manufactured by: Donell Skin

Bruise, Redness & Dark Circle Control

Physicians recommend this formula for enhanced treatment and fading of bruising, purpura, spider veins, small broken capillaries and under eye circles. K-Derm is often recommended for post-operative bruising and purpura because of its rapid performance. This topical Vitamin K cream with its special blend of ingredients penetrates deeply into the skin for maximum results, eliminating the need for Vitamin K injections.

• Topical Vitamin K to address bruising
• Enhances the body’s healing process
• With prolonged daily use, may help reduce spider veins and dark circles under the eyes
• Contains preventative benefits; can be used prior to and following surgical procedures including schlerotherapy and liposuction to minimize post-op bruising

Weight 5 oz

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