Copper Peptide Serum Super CP Serum


Copper Peptide Serum manufactured by Dr. Loren Pickart for Platinum Skin Care. Please start with step 1 (CP Serum) if you have normal skin. Move on to step 2 (Super CP Serum) if you have acne, or if you are ready to move up from the regular. Super Cop 2x is for dramatic skin remodeling such as scar removal or heavily wrinkled areas. The application of peptide-copper complexes to the skin's surface creates an environment that helps the skin tighten its barrier and increase its collagen and elastin density.

Excellent for anti-aging, scar removal, skin remodeling, and acne.
Compatible with alpha hydroxy acids and retin-A.
Activates removal of damaged skin proteins.
Acne scar remodeling.
Wound healing for diabetics.

Size: 1 oz

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