Agent Nateur Holi(oil) Refining Youth Serum

  • Manufactured by: Agent Nateur

h o l i ( o i l ) is a serum and our first facial care product. It was formulated by Jena in Europe using the highest quality non-GMO ingredients possible. h o l i ( o i l ) was created to brighten, tighten, correct redness, hyper-pigmentation and acne. h o l i ( o i l ) is suitable for all skin types; balancing normal, dry and oily skin. **h o l i ( c ) combines the highest grade of non-gmo vitamines sourced in Europe to reverse fine lines, smooth, brighten, tighten and EVEN OUT the complexion. h o l i (c) is applied topically and should be activated with water. h o l i ( c ) can be mixed with h o l i ( o i l ), your moisturizer or sunscreen. Our formula heals scars, acne and HELPS rosacea.It stimulates the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid to RESTORE suppleness while scientifically reversing skin fatigue and sagging BY 27% . The active vitamin c in h o l i ( c ) is Organic Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, not L Ascorbic Acid; therefore h o l i ( c ) is not only safe for acne prone skin, h o l i ( c ) benefits the treatment of acne.

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