Careline Care & Glow Liquid Foundation SPF 18

  • Manufactured by: Rockland cosmetics

A unique and ideally airy texture For radiant and glowing skin, Moisturizes for 12 hours, Waterproof for 16 hours, Hypoallergenic, SPF 18. For all skin types. This is a Revolutionary technology, innovative and unique to Careline, A make-up with a delightful and extraordinary texture between a gel and a frothy cream, It Provides a wonderful finish for relaxed skin, radiant, glowing and refreshed, Perfect coverage for a healthy look, smooth even skin without blemishes, Creates a thin layer to completely cover whilst letting your skin breathe!. Saturates your skin with moisture for 12 hours. Waterproof for 16 hours. 'Active Ingredients' Powder-Coated Silicones, a revolutionary technology, unique to Careline, with a soft and especially pleasant texture that gives glowing and radiant skin Elastomer Silicones, a unique innovation for an unusual texture Moisturizing Complex, Similar to the skin's natural moisture composition, provides your skin with moisturization for 12 hours Silicone-Coated Pigments, provides long-lasting stability, giving you a relaxed and pleasant feeling with its creamy texture and perfect finish, Sugars, Assist in maintaining skin moisture levels, Light Oils To nourish the skin

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