Lady Primrose Tryst Eau de Parfum Mist

  • Manufactured by: Lady Primrose

Tryst is opulent, mysterious and elusive. Abounding with intense green florals, jasmine and fleur d'orangery, Tryst offers all the romance and splendor of a secret encounter. Boxed for a perfect gift. 2 Oz(60 ml)

Potent botanicals such as hibiscus and yerba de tago rejuvenate hair that has been stripped by over-processing and environmental pollutants
Indian gooseberry and cypriol stimulate the roots for lustrous growth and to preserve hair pigment and prevent premature greying.
Grape seed oil regulates naturally occurring oils in the scalp, to manage excess production and ensure hair is healthy and strong – never greasy.
A healthy balance of jojoba and moringa add strength deep nutrition for hair that shines with health!

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