Rahua Hair Detox & Renewal Treatment Kit

  • Manufactured by: RAHUA

Whether you are looking to transition into a natural hair care routine or detoxing by eliminating harmful synthetics from your hair and scalp seasonally, our innovative two-part ritual delivers an unprecedented fresh start for hair and scalp.

Made from the most exclusive, plant-derived ingredients extracted from the Amazon, this treatment is the fusion of an oil blend mixed into a creamy detoxifying base that is then massaged into the hair and scalp to loosen and remove synthetic product buildup and environmental debris while infusing hair and scalp with healthier, plant-based nutrients. Suitable for color-treated hair.

-Kit contains 2 treatments for maximum extended results.

•Rehabilitates hair and scalp •Eliminates harmful synthetic product build-up
•Replenishes with nourishing Amazonian oils

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