EnCore Leave-In Natural Conditioner


EnCore can be used with any styling products. On Natural hair, use alone or with your faves. On curly hair, team up with Taffy about half and half. To blowout curly hair apply EnCore then mix with Taffy or Simply Straight (read directions of Simply Straight as it softens curls progressively)! On fine hair, mix with PerForm Control Styling Gel (use more gel than EnCore). On coarse, stiff hair, use more Encore than PerForm Control Styling gel to give a very soft finish. Split ends or dull dry looking hair, use with SpotLite Shine S500, mix 3 drops Spotlite, to 1 pump EnCore. For fine hair, with already wet hands, apply a small amount to the ends only. Enjoy shine and condition with no weight!

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