Tell us about how your business got started.

Over 12 years ago, when the marketplace was full of dense and oily scrubs that were a mess to use, I decided to create something new – an indulgent, yet efficacious body scrub that leaves the skin incredibly moisturized, polished and glowing. Prior to LALICIOUS, my background was within operations in various industries. When I started LALICIOUS, I knew the basics for running a company, which enabled me to embrace my first entrepreneurial endeavor – and I haven’t looked back

Where are you guys located?

We’re based out of beautiful, sunny Los Angeles, California.

Tell us about your work space, studio or shop?

Our corporate office actually has a really cool story. It’s tucked in right behind an airport and a bunch of aerospace engineering companies, so in a past life it was actually a wind tunnel! We added some modifications to make the building more eco-friendly, since that’s such an important part of our philosophy, and I think it’s safe to say our little building has never felt more glamorous (or smelled better)! We mix our products by hand, so being the office is a great combination of computer and desk work, mood boards, and finally, whipping up new products daily.

What Inspires You?

I grew up in a really natural way, putting coconut oil on everything. At the same time, I’ve always loved fragrances and luxurious textures—so I’m always looking for ways to mix those two passions. My goal is always to make gorgeous, luxe products that don’t contain any toxic ingredients. In fact, all of our products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalate, triclosan, gluten, and petroleum by-products.

What is your favorite product?

Well, I only produce products that I personally am obsessed with…so it’s a little hard to say! It’s always changing depending on the mood I’m in. But if I had to pick, I think I would choose the Brown Sugar Vanilla Sugar Scrub.

What is your best selling product?

Our Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrubs are a customer favorite. Since the beginning, the Sugar Kiss Sugar Scrub has been the best-seller. We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love that fragrance. The Oil is a close second because it is so versatile and the fragrance is so addictive!

- Lalicious


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